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ARCT AS is an entrepreneurial business and a first-mover in developing a unique tool, ARCT, to manage Social Expectations and Navigating Regulatory Risk efficiently. Innovation Norway funds the ARCT™ decision support tool with 1.8 mill.NOK, check
ARCT will be active at the Arctic Circle Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland next week (11 – 15 October).
Partners: The Ramboll Group since March 2015, the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, Alaska, since May 2016, DVV GL since September 2016. the Universities of Tromsø, UIT, and the Nord University, since June 2015.

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The snowy owl is typically found in the northern circumpolar region, where it makes its summer home north of latitude 60º north. However, it is a particularly nomadic bird, and because population fluctuations in its prey species can force it to relocate, it has been known to breed at more southerly latitudes.



ARCT AS is an entrepreneurial business and a first-mover in developing a unique tool, ARCT, to manage Social Expectations and Navigating Regulatory Risk efficiently. Funding from Innovation Norway with Arctic funding. Expertise within Opportunity and Risk management. On-site experience in Alaska, Canada and Norway, and in West Africa. Kaisa Consulting will in dialogue with the client analyze the project risks, establish relevant mitigation actions within environmental, sustainability / CSR and stakeholder dialogue.

Value chain and holistic approach, perception of risk, quality assurance, communication and teaching are vital building blocks.

Stakeholder mapping.

What does it take for a project to establish and keep its Social Licence to Operate?

What can we do; what are the mitigation action to ensure a good relationships with the stakeholders?

What can go wrong, how likely is it, and what are the consequences? Can we stop no-go projects at an earlier point in time?



“Tri-sector” fluency – creating value for government, civil society and business with a focus and specialization on the northern areas and the Arctic.



Our goal is to support and build healthy projects, and to challenge and influence to ensure suitable mitigation efforts.
Kaisa Consulting AS is committed to the
UN Global Compact 10 Business principles.


KARIN BERENTSEN is founder and director of Kaisa Consulting AS, and offers consulting services within Project Risk Management.

Karin has 30 years robust and interdisciplinary business understanding – as executive project leader and regulatory compliance manager with on-site experience in Alaska.

Karin is result orientated with strong organizational abilities who demonstrates a high degree of integrity and dedication. She has a solid technical foundation with a Master degree in Physics. Her strengths are her strong analytical approach and her influential network.

Tri-sector fluency, creating value for government, civil society, and business.

Renowned worldwide proficiency with on-site experience in Alaska and Norway.


Spare time proficiency as an international competitive sailor as skipper of dinghies and offshore racing sailboats.


Photo: Eli Berge,



  • 30 years robust and interdisciplinary business understanding – as executive project leader and regulatory compliance manager with on-site experience in Alaska.
  • Project risk management (Statoil’s compliance and leadership model)
  • Arctic regulatory compliance
  • Executive project leader
  • Multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team management 
  • In depth competence along the entire value chain and the “Norwegian” model
  • Stakeholder dialogue & KPIs – enabling business, environment, society and local content by establishing performance indicators for success. Analysis of what is acceptable for society.

Work experience

2014 – ….        Founder and Director, Kaisa Consulting AS

2013 – 2014    Executive Project Risk Management, International Exploration, Statoil ASA

2012 – 2013    Greenland Project leader, Statoil Færøyane a.s

2011 – 2012    Regulatory Compliance Manager, Alaska, Statoil USA Inc.

2009 – 2010   HSE and Stakeholder Manager, Alaska, Statoil USA Inc.

2007 – 2009   Local Content Manager, Statoil ASA

2005 – 2007   Commercial Manager West Africa, Statoil Global Exploration

2002 – 2005   Lead Executive Negotiator, Statoil Norway E&P

1998 – 2002   Senior Gas Dispatcher 24/7 duty, Statoil Gas Sales Centre

1982 – 1998   Technical positions: technical advisor re. Gas sales structures, oil and gas capacities, Production Engineering, Statfjord Field Operations, Offshore Company Representative, Well Logging Engineer and Petrophysicist, Statoil Reservoir and Exploration

Board experience:

2004 – 2007   Energym AS, board member. Entrepreneur, start-up company with in- and outdoor fitness training

2005 – 2007   International Windsurfing association, board member. Formula Experience class

1999 – 2003   Håpet Økologisk AS, board member. Small entrepreneur Import Company with home delivery of ecologic fruit and vegetables

1999- 2007    Sola Boardsailing Club, coach and sail trainer. Junior program

1998 – 2012   Overformynderiet (guardianship), payee’s representative. Concerning economy

1980 – 1984   Norway Sailing association, chair, board member, national team sailor. Nominating committee (82-84), board (meeting vara), national team sailor (80-83)

Education / training / awards:

2015                 Innovasjon Norge, granted start-up funding (“Etablerertilskudd”)

2014                 Start-up Weekend, October, Stavanger, “Health Cloud”, 2. Price and Gold Award winner

2014                 Innovation and entrepreneur course, Skape, I-park

2006 –             Leadership development program, Statoil, network group

2002 – 2003   Program for board members, University of Stavanger program with exam

1996                Helicopter ‘capsize’ course, NUTEC
Helicopter safety certificate

1984                Offshore Safety course, Haugesund Maritime Høgskole Offshore certificate

1978 – 1982    Master of Physics, University of Oslo

Language skills:

Norwegian – native

English – fluent

French – working proficiency, (Language training, Université Libre de Bruxelles)

German – elementary proficiency


Karin’s consultancy assignments have a broad span within the fields of:

Project Risk management, the Norwegian model and the Risk based approach, investment and decision processes, uncertainties and its impact on decisions, sustainability and CSR.

Ramboll Group.

Kaisa Consulting AS co-operation agreement with Ramboll, a global actor within environmental services,, since March 2015.

AlfaSights Ltd. Karin is one of their consultants.

“Connecting business leaders to deep industry knowledge worldwide”. AlfaSigts is ranked as Britain’s 3rd fastest-growing company by the Sunday Times. Every month AlfaSights facilitate more than 3,000 one-on-one connections between their clients and the insight and expertise they need.

GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group), Karin is one of their professional Council Members.

GLG connects clients with their leading professionals and Council Members thousands of times a week and around the world to teach and learn from one another, most often through one-on-one conversation. GLG specializes in finding the expert professionals “where it resides”


May 2016: a Unique Pilot was developed to demonstrate how stakeholders can assess a business project’s Social Licence to Operate in the Arctic. The tool is powered by Frameworks AS,

February 2016: Kasia Consulting was awarded Innovasjon Norway‘s Pre-Project funding through the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ “Arctic 2030” program.

2015: The start-up award from Innovasjon Norge (“Etablertilskudd”) was the basis for the later innovative proposals. The 2015 idea was to test out unique tracking methodologies for How a commercial business activity affects its surroundings. 


This could be tracking of local content, co-existence with local and indigenous societies’ traditional lifestyle, hunting culture and resource use, dialogue meetings and agreeing on baseline parameters.


  • The nature of the business
  • Strong links between environment, nature and civil society, and in particular with the indigenous societies’ traditional lifestyle and hunting culture
  • Manage expectation, reputation
  • Success case and exit strategy

Is it sustainable?

  • Required – Expected – Desirable
  • Beyond Compliance?

Mitigation & compliance: Always operate in line with regulatory requirements and internal company requirements.
Project Risk Management; manage expectations and unknown factors.

Experience – Norway – Alaska 60º00´N

Recognized for facilitating healthy and constructive Stakeholder Dialogue between governmental bodies, civil society and business. Hence enabling practical and suitable mitigation initiatives for offshore oil and gas projects.



Karin Berentsen


Håhammarbrautene 82
4045 Hafrsfjord


+47 - 950 72 726